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The Solar Designs Philosophy

Thanks to a generous increase in government funding solar electricity for your home has just become more affordable.

At Solar Designs our goal is to see as many households as possible take advantage of Perth's brilliant sunshine, now and for decades to come. We offer quality components built to last at prices that suit your budget.

Use this web site for more information on this exciting development in renewable energy technology. When you have decided that a grid connect system is right for you, contact us for a detailed assessment and quote.

Making the most of this site: An introduction to Photovoltaics follows below. The icons on the left lead to our other pages. When you see this symbol , click it for more details.

Introduction to Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics is the generation of electricity directly from sunlight. The principle is that sun rays (photons) can transfer their energy into some materials by dislodging electrons into a higher energy state. When those electrons flow back to their original places through electric wires, their energy can be harnessed to do useful work.

photovoltaic effect

Solar cells (the smallest units of a system) are connected and packaged together in solar modules. Multiple modules are connected into an array.

cell module array

In places far from the power grid an array connected to a power conditioner can directly feed loads (like pumps to supply water) or charge a battery bank to provide reliable 24/7 power to remote homesteads. In the past those were the main applications of photovoltaics in Australia.

Grid Connect Systems

Recently, thanks in part to generous government funding, grid connect systems on private homes have become popular. In those systems a solar array is connected to an inverter that converts DC from the solar cells into AC electricity of the same quality that comes in the power grid (240V/50Hz). Any energy that is not used in the house is fed back into the power grid for others to use.

grid connect drawing

Photovoltaics works best when the modules are exposed to direct sunlight. In Perth an unshaded, north facing roof with a slope between 20 and 30 degrees is ideal. But don't be deterred if your roof has no north-facing areas available, slight variations still produce very good output, much better than ever reached in less sunny locations like for example Melbourne.

In Perth a 1kW (peak) system on a standard roof (20 degree tilt angle) will generate about 4.5 kWh per day or 1640 kWh per year after accounting for the various losses that occur in the system.

Photovoltaic systems are built to last.

Photovoltaic systems are also low maintenance.

Photovoltaic systems are affordable now.

Benefits of Grid Connect Systems

By installing a grid connect PV system you do the right thing in so many different ways:

  • For the environment
  • For Society & the Grid
  • For Yourself

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