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Quality & Value

Those two words sum it up.

We will not compromise on quality of

We listen until we completely understand your needs, then we take our time to assess your site and find the optimal location for panels and inverter

We only use components that stand out from the crowd. Our recommended system uses:
  • Panels from SunPower, the manufacturer that delivers the highest efficiency modules available with warranties of 10 to 25 years.
  • Inverters from SMA, the clear world market leader, robust enough to be installed outdoors, with 5 years warranty, made in Germany.
  • Mounting rack: high strength corrosion resistant aluminium rack with stainless steel accessories, with 10 years warranty.
  • Cables: high quality well insulated cables that exceed the minimum requirements to ensure maximum power is fed into the grid.

All main components are currently sourced from Australian wholesalers who have been dealing in photovolatic systems for many years, we build on their experience.

  • We don't use sales reps! Your site inspection will be done by a BCSE accredited system designer who understands every detail of the technology and can tailor a system that best suits your needs.
  • We don't promise anything we can't deliver. Our estimates for power generated by your system are conservative, taking into account specific details of your installation.
  • Every detail on every job is checked by BCSE accredited designers and then supervised closely during the installation, to make sure the solution we offer is optimal for the client and all standards and legal requirements are fulfilled.
  • The electrical wiring is done by independent licensed electrical contractors who add their specialised skills to ensure a safe grid connection of a great system.

We also strive to deliver the best value

Our aim is to get as much high quality PV connected to the grid as possible. By installing many systems we don't need excessive margins on any one of them.

With the highest quality components we use we might not be able to match pricing of the very cheapest systems out there in the market. But if you want quality that lasts at the best possible price, talk to us!

Our recommended system:

Given the currently available government rebates we recommend the following:

  • 5 high efficiency SunPower 210W modules with a total rated output of 1050W
  • SMA Sunny Boy 1100 inverter
  • Schletter (tile) or Conergy Suntop III (tin) mounting rack
Lots of information about those components can be found on the details page.

What does all that mean financially?

After accounting for rebates and RECs and including Western Power fees a home owner will usually be out of pocket from $4000. The expected power generation for a north facing roof would be about 1710 kWh/year. At current power prices that amounts to a saving of $238 per year. Even without inflation of electricity prices a grid connect system would pay its cost back in 17 years.

With adoption of the Kyoto protocol and global energy shortages, rising energy and especially electricity costs are very likely. If electricity prices rise just 5% p.a. in coming years, the payback time for your system is reduced to 12.5 years.

Yesterday's (29/1/2009) news about massive increases to WA electricity prices comes as no surprise. Assuming price rises as requested by the Office of Energy, your system will pay back its cost in less than 8 years.

An even better situation would arise if feed in tariffs, which successfully boosted PV installations all over Europe and in parts of the US, are adopted. Some Eastern states have already passed legislation in this area. The WA Liberals promised to introduce a feed in tariff and are currently working on the details. A feed in tariff means that power you generate from clean sources and deliver to the grid will earn you more than the usual price of grid power.

What will it do for the Environment?

A grid connect system in Perth will reduce CO2 emissions by a huge amount, more than in most other locations around the world! That is a result of both the 'dirty' coal fired power we use here combined with the huge amount of sunshine we receive. Our recommended system can help avoid 1,675 kg of CO2 every year. That is the same quantity produced by a small car running over 10,000 km.

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