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Take a look at our power bill

our bill


Our power bill

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Our bill explained

During the quarter, Synergy supplied 170 units of power to the Solar Designs Home Base. Synergy uses "net metering," which means we only buy power from them when we need it (generally at night when there is no sunshine). Our actual usage and production would have been slightly higher than what is written on the bill, but they offset each other before it gets to our meter.

Our PV array (1075W) produced 251 units of excess power that was bought by Synergy. Our electricity production completely offset our usage and part of the supply tariff.

Because our power bill was so small, we do not need to pay anything to Synergy this quarter.

About our home

We run an energy conscious household, by fitting energy-saving light bulbs, switching off appliances on standby and using a solar hot water system. We also use internal curtains and doors to close off unused areas of our house to reduce heating / cooling costs.

We enjoy our creature comforts - TV, microwave, Internet - and by making just a few simple choices we enjoy low electricity bills too.